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Part-Time Mum

This isn’t, as the title may suggest, a pop at working mums.  Working mums, whether part-time or full-time, and mums that stay at home are all just as good in my book, each to their own, and as long as all involved are happy, then all is fine and dandy.  No, this is more of a dig at people who can’t actually do their jobs.

I have had the… Continue reading


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The Stress of Child Care

So there has been yet another report released to pile more guilt onto the working mother.  It’s a bit like shooting a sitting duck, no?  Can the media not give parents just a teeny break once in a while?

Apparently, detrimental long-term effects on your child’s health can be caused by sending them to nursery or to the child-minder.  Awesome.  So added to the list of separation… Continue reading


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