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What Is The Meaning of Life?!

It’s been one of those days when I have questioned everything.  Everything.  OK, maybe not everything, and maybe I didn’t quite get to the whole meaning of life question, but today I’ve felt a bit shaken, as if my foumdations have been chipped away.

It started with a phonecall from The Boyfriend, who was relaying a message from the nursery where he had just deposited The Princess and Pea… Continue reading


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On Being Knackered

My poor blog, I barely seem to get chance to post anything these days.  Mainly because I am knackered.  My knackeredness has been made worse the last couple of weeks due to Little Pea enduring an ear and throat infection, bronchiolitis, and cutting three new teeth, all timed beautifully to coincide with my return to work.  Nights of constant feeding, of stripping vomit-covered nightclothes off Pea and myself, and of… Continue reading


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I Don’t Want to be a Working Mum…Do I?

I’m almost 31 weeks pregnant, looking more like I’m 41 weeks pregnant.  I’m anaemic, I have pelvic pain which has decided to become suddenly unbearable this last week, I’m unable to get comfortable enough to get a good night’s sleep, but most importantly I’m on final countdown to maternity leave.  I have 7 weeks until it starts, but I have a week’s annual leave during that time, plus I only… Continue reading


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Morning Is Broken

Most days, my morning goes like this:

Alarm call from The Baby around 6am.  Get up and change her nappy while The Boyfriend makes a bottle for her and a cup of tea for us (I know, I’m lucky), and bring her into our bed.  Have a play with The Baby in bed after she’s finished her milk until play turns to smacking, biting and pinching, at which point… Continue reading


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Hangin On The Telephone

It’s startling how one phone-call can change the whole shape of your day.  Actually, today it’s two phone-calls, but one I won’t really discuss as it’s quite dull (it was just a cancellation at work, which took my day from ridiculously quiet to painfully so).  Anyway, the phone-call in question was one I made to The Baby’s nursery… Continue reading


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