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The World Didn’t End

I went back to work today.  Well, kind of.  I did a half day, being trained on new equipment.  For weeks I have been dreading this day, terrified of having to separate myself from my baby, nervous to the extreme of having to be an employee once again.  Yesterday I had several tearful moments and last night I barely slept, partly due to anxiety, partly due to a rather windy… Continue reading


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Blogging for Company

I have just written a post for Emma’s Diary Blog and it reminded me just why I blog.  I was writing about a particularly difficult morning, alone, sleep-deprived, with two babies to get dried, dressed, fed, to the shops, back in bed, and out to lunch with friends, all with the added extras of a grumpy, temporarily deaf (to any of my requests) toddler, and a sobbing, clingy… Continue reading


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The 24 Year Old BFF

The Princess is a fairly typical toddler, I’d say.  She’s full of endless energy, she’s sociable, very chatty, she has tantrums, can shatter glass at a thousand paces with her screams of defiance, and has the ability to hit a chosen target 20 feet away with her breakfast dishes when she decides that porridge was not what she wanted for breakfast after all.  Even though she marched into the kitchen… Continue reading


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Bye Bye Baby

The Baby is definitely no longer a baby.  Obviously, I’ve known this for a long time, I’ve just been in denial.  How can my baby girl be a little girl already?  But with an actual baby being around for almost a month now, there is definitely no denying it; she is a Proper Little Girl.  And so to that end The Baby can no longer be known as The Baby. … Continue reading


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Can Cloth Really Cut It?

I’m having a little worry.  Not a panic (yet) just a worry.  It’s that old chestnut money.  Most worries and stresses and arguments seem to stem from money, and for me at the moment, it’s a constant source of stress.

In three months’ time I’ll be on the final countdown to maternity leave.  I’m already part-time, so my maternity pay will be lower than it was when I was… Continue reading


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30 Days of Bite

I have always prided myself on being led by my heart, not by my head.  I work on instinct not logic (lucky really, as my head doesn’t fully understand the concept of ‘logic’).  Sometimes this isn’t such a good thing, I can make impulsive decisions and take my life down life-changing paths without actually thinking anything through.  Generally, however, I feel it’s a good thing.  I know to trust my… Continue reading


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On Milk, Anxiety and Not Missing Sleep-Deprivation

This week has been a strange old week.  The Baby turned One, I came to the realisation that the anxiety I have been experiencing is actually a little out of the realms of ‘normal’ (crying in the super-market car-park after shopping for picnic food the night before The Baby’s party, out of a) sheer relief that no-one knifed/kidnapped/attacked me, and b) shame that as a 32 year old woman I… Continue reading


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Baby-Led Feeding….Really??

When The Baby was born, she was big.  I mean BIG.  She weighed 9lb 9oz, was 53cm long and had a head so big it would struggle to emerge from the Channel Tunnel, let alone my vagina.  OK, so it was 38cm, but still, 38cm.  She was in the 91st or 98th centile for each measurement.

So when, at eleven weeks, and again at twenty weeks, her weight had… Continue reading


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Groundhog Day

Sorry, is it January again?  It’s freezing cold, it’s grey, it’s raining.  And it’s taking The Baby over an hour to settle off to sleep.

She screams, she cries, she wails, and all she wants is to be cuddled up and rocked to sleep.

We’ve been here.  We did this.  We did this for nearly seven months.  We went through heartbreak and buckets… Continue reading


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