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All In My Head

A few weeks ago, I felt Little Pea move.  Just a tiny fluttery, bubbly sensation (no, it definitely wasn’t wind) but a definite sensation.  Two days ago The Boyfriend felt Little Pea move.  Suddenly the Pea is big enough to make his or her presence felt in the outside world.  At 19 weeks old, Little Pea is a part of everyone’s life, not just my own.  This amazes me, and… Continue reading


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In Which I Go On A Hot Date

OK, so it wasn’t really a hot date, not hot at all in fact, although I did put mascara and lippy on, so technically I made an effort.  Yesterday The Boyfriend and I had a day to ourselves.  This hasn’t happened since The Baby was born.  In fifteen months, we haven’t had a day where one of us hasn’t been working, or we haven’t been with The Baby.  Don’t get… Continue reading


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The Countdown to the Countdown

Tonight I am home alone.  Well, not quite alone, The Baby is asleep upstairs, but The Boyfriend is at work until 11pm just as he is for two nights out of every six.  So tonight, instead of spending my evening as I usually do (blogging or writing other articles or reading or vegging in front of the TV with chocolate) I am doing something useful.  Something fun, but ultimately useful… Continue reading


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An Unexpected Day

Yesterday was one of those days in which nothing is predictable.  It was a day of ups and downs, of worry and relief and emotion.

It started fairly normally, except something had happened the night before which had made me worry, and subsequently sleep badly.  I woke up tired (nothing out of the ordinary) and still worried, and very reluctant to get out of bed (definitely nothing out of… Continue reading


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The Stress of Child Care

So there has been yet another report released to pile more guilt onto the working mother.  It’s a bit like shooting a sitting duck, no?  Can the media not give parents just a teeny break once in a while?

Apparently, detrimental long-term effects on your child’s health can be caused by sending them to nursery or to the child-minder.  Awesome.  So added to the list of separation… Continue reading


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Holidays Are Coming

So here we are again. In two days we will be travelling on holiday.  And again I’m apprehensive. 

I have packing down to a fine art now; having had odd weekends and one week away on holiday with The Baby, I now know exactly what we need and what we can leave behind.  I also know a few tricks that will… Continue reading

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Baby-Led Feeding….Really??

When The Baby was born, she was big.  I mean BIG.  She weighed 9lb 9oz, was 53cm long and had a head so big it would struggle to emerge from the Channel Tunnel, let alone my vagina.  OK, so it was 38cm, but still, 38cm.  She was in the 91st or 98th centile for each measurement.

So when, at eleven weeks, and again at twenty weeks, her weight had… Continue reading


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A Very Self-Indulgent, and a Little Experimental, Post

I am feeling rather ‘blue’ tonight.  A bit low.  I can feel the lump of sadness stuck somewhere between my lower ribs and my saggy baggy tummy button, occasionally working its way into my throat making me feel like puking and weeping at the same time.  I can feel that cloud approaching, a bit like the one that used to follow the Pink Panther around in the cartoon; lurking, following… Continue reading


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I Don’t Know About You But…

… I really don’t like packing out-grown baby clothes off into the loft.

It’s now the third lot of clothes I’ve bundled up and got The Boyfriend to chuck into the loft, and I’ve decided I’d like to stop now. The Baby is growing up far too quickly, she is rapidly approaching her first birthday, and all these out-grown clothes only… Continue reading


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