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The Terrible Not Yet Twos

Today has been, well let’s just say difficult.  I’m trying to be polite.  All day The Baby has flipped in a bi-polar-esque fashion from being cuddly and not wanting to leave mummy’s side, to slapping, kicking, pinching, suffering selective hearing, scowling and screaming, and suddenly back again.  It’s been exhausting just trying to keep up with her mood swings, and even more exhausting traipsing from whichever room we were in… Continue reading


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Live In The Now, Dude

This monthly link-up has been started by Scribbling Mum (www.scribblingmum.co.uk), encouraging us all to just take a minute to appreciate what is happening right now.

Having already done this briefly for the Maternity Matters link-up, I really like this idea as it reinforces positive thinking, and encourages us to look at all the small, beautiful things that so often pass us by.

So my Living in the Now… Continue reading


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Seven Month Glitch

Forgive me if I’m wrong, but don’t the Terrible Twos start at…well, two?? Aren’t the months leading up to this supposedly devilish age meant to be a little easier? The calm before the storm, so to speak? The Baby, I fear, is rather advanced. I have tantrums and battles (and I’m not even including those that are sleep-related) with her each and every day, today being no exception. Don’t get… Continue reading


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