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Staring Down the Barrel of a Camera

Little Pea is almost ten months old.  He is just like most other ten month olds, he is crawling, babbling (well, shouting), picking stuff up and throwing it (at me), eating in his own messy way, and generally becoming a sociable, playful little person.

Just after Christmas, Pea cut his first teeth.  Since then, more and more have emerged, some more dramatically than others – two appeared during the… Continue reading


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Sticky Fingers

I gave The Baby her first chocolate biscuit.  She won’t be having another.

Not only did she successfully wipe a soggy-ended bourbon all across two sofas, the coffee table, a clean vest, a clean cardigan, and a clean t-shirt that were piled up waiting to be taken upstairs, but she is also teething.  Which means she’s dribbling.  A lot. … Continue reading


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30 Days of Bite

I have always prided myself on being led by my heart, not by my head.  I work on instinct not logic (lucky really, as my head doesn’t fully understand the concept of ‘logic’).  Sometimes this isn’t such a good thing, I can make impulsive decisions and take my life down life-changing paths without actually thinking anything through.  Generally, however, I feel it’s a good thing.  I know to trust my… Continue reading


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All Natural Nappy Balm

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how The Baby had developed a nasty nappy rash.  It was awful, worse than she had ever had before, and it spread down her thighs.  I’m still not sure what had caused it, although each time she teeths she does get a rash, so maybe it was the prolonged teething that was the culprit for this nasty, sore rash. … Continue reading

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