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Who’s In Your Support Network?

It was really only after my son’s birth that I fully realised the value of having a support network, that I could call on. I must have had some sort of inkling before though, because I signed up to NCT Antenatal classes to gain access to a readymade support set up. The classes weren’t especially informative, especially if like me you’d devoured book after book; watched TV shows; and googled… Continue reading


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A Little Thank You

So Christmas is over.  All the shopping, the planning, the wrapping and the visiting, all done for another year.  I still love this time, though.  This quiet bit after the ‘big day’, when you can actually spend time with family and friends, and talk and eat cake and drink tea, and not have to worry about who else you need to see, which presents you need to deliver, who you… Continue reading

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My Blog and Me

It’s been a little serious on here of late.  Actually, it’s been a little nothing on here of late.  Sorry.  I am getting things sorted, speaking to the right people, trying not to get too enraged that the NHS only endorse medication and CBT and no other form of talking therapy whatsoever, and attempting to employ deep breathing exercises and a voice-over in my brain who keeps telling me to… Continue reading


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