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The Bank Holiday Bug

So this last weekend was the bank holiday weekend, three days of not working (not for The Boyfriend, unfortunately, who went to work on Saturday), three days spent in utter frivolity, three days of sunshine for the first time since records began.  Maybe.  It also happened that Little Pea’s first birthday landed right on bank holiday Monday.  Perfect!  Everyone would be free to celebrate the whole weekend through… Continue reading


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Like Mother Like Daughter?

Yesterday I should have had a growth scan to find out if Little Pea is likely to be as big as his/her older sister.  But I didn’t.  Instead, I spent all morning from just after midnight until about 10am violently throwing up.  It was horrible, and exhausting, and has made me realise I have muscles where I didn’t know any existed.  It also made me realise I have a LOT… Continue reading


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The Day the Lurgy Came to Stay

It’s Saturday morning and I’m writing this in my silent, empty bed.  I can hear a helicopter outside, and traffic, but that’s it.  There are no demanding shouts of “Out! Out! Mummy! Daddy!”, coming from The Baby’s room.  There is (thankfully) no teeth-grinding or snoring coming from the left hand side of the bed, courtesy of The Boyfriend.  The gentle whir of the laptop and the dull traffic from the… Continue reading

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