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The Power of the First Hour

A couple of weeks ago, Save the Children launched their ‘Power of the First Hour: Breastfeeding Saves Lives’ campaign.  This campaign was endorsed by celebrities and bloggers and the tabloids and the broadsheets.  This campaign was also the fuel of a backlash against breastfeeding in western society, with many bloggers and journalists and parents jumping on… Continue reading


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Save the Children #66cities

This is The Baby.  This was when we started baby led weaning, although we had been weaning her for a few months before this, we had originally begun with spoon-feeding only.  At first it went fine, but then she got fussy and refused to eat much of what we offered her.  Baby led weaning was suggested, and… Continue reading


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100 Words

So they’re at it again, those parent-blogger types.  And again, it’s all for Save The Children and their No Child Born To Die campaign.  Do you remember the blog-hop back in May supporting the campaign to increase the funding for vaccines in the developing world?  This time there is a call for increased funding for health workers.  Without… Continue reading


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This Is Me. This Is My Future.

When The Baby was born, on leaving the hospital, I was given her Little Red Book; the book which contains all the information about her paediatric checks, her sessions with the health visitor, visits to the doctor, and all her immunisations.  All the things that, here in the UK, we take for granted.  All the things that help our children grow to be strong and healthy.

But 8 million… Continue reading


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