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Spoilt Rotten Gifts

It’s that time of year, pay day is fast approaching, and there’s a kinda big day not far away where we all like to acknowledge those special people in our lives, lavishing them with gifts and treats, treating them like royalty for the day, waiting on them with chocolates and Black Velvets and cake, and generally spoiling them silly.

OK, sorry, that was all just a small hint for… Continue reading


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Boob Nursing Bra Fast Food – A Review

I was recently sent the Nursing Bra Fast Food by Swedish nursing wear company, Boob.  Hands down, this is the most comfortable piece of underwear I have ever worn.  Ever.  And really, that’s all you need to know.

OK, so this review would be a little short if I were to… Continue reading


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Personalised Gifts Boutique – A Review

When The Princess turned one, The Boyfriend and I bought her a beautiful framed picture, knowing she would receive a gazillion toys from family and friends.  It makes me well up every time I look at it, and it will last forever.  Last week we celebrated Pea’s first birthday.  Anyone with more than one child (and a degree of OCD, along with a hefty dose of guilt) will understand when… Continue reading


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Ocky Olly Smocka – A Review

The Princess is an outdoor kinda gal.  It doesn’t matter what the weather is doing (except she doesn’t care too much for snow, it makes her “handies cold”), she likes to be outside.  Me, I’m definitely a fair-weather-only gal.  I don’t enjoy getting soaked in a downpour, I absolutely loathe the snow, and the wind makes me… Continue reading

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Glamourmom Nursing Vest – A Review and Giveaway

Breastfeeding, for me, has always been a very simple, cheap experience.  The only things I have ever had to buy to make the experience more comfortable have been nursing bras and breast-pads.  Even these things are not necessities for everyone – those mums who are lucky enough to be able to pull a regular bra down in order to feed, and not have a milk supply so fast and furious… Continue reading


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Spa Organics – A Review

Back in November (seems like more than just a couple of months ago, no?) I was very kindly sent a lovely package of skincare for me and my babies.

While pregnant with The Princess, I saw an advert for a ½ price sale of very… Continue reading


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Thrupenny Bits Breastfeeding Pillow

I was recently sent a gorgeous breastfeeding pillow from a very lovely lady named Melissa, who, after struggling with positioning while breastfeeding her first baby, created her own pretty, shaped, portable pillow.

Now, being of slight stature, and with a “freakishly short body” (thanks, sis), I haven’t ever really struggled with positioning or needed to pack cushions and pillows under… Continue reading


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Entertainment When You’re A Parent

Just over three years ago, if I wasn’t on a night-shift or on-call, weekends were spent out with friends, drinking and dancing, or on a date with The Boyfriend, and generally having a rather good time.

Nowadays, the term ‘weekend’  holds little meaning to me, as The Boyfriend only has one real weekend off every six weeks, and I’m currently on maternity leave, so one day is really rather… Continue reading

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Indecent Exposure

It’s safe to say I am fairly passionate about breastfeeding.  It’s something very important to me, not only because of the nutritional and health benefits to babies, but also because of how it has cemented the bond between me and both my little ones.

As with everything in life, however, there is always a downside, even to seemingly wonderful things.  With breastfeeding Little Pea, it’s… Continue reading


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How to Save the Planet and the Pennies

Little Pea is five weeks old now.  It still feels like the first week with him in many ways, yet I can’t imagine him not being here now, and I’m getting much more used to him and his little ways.  Well, when I say ‘ways’ I actually mean ‘penis’.  It was terrifying changing his nappy the first few times – I’m so used to dealing with girl bits, with having… Continue reading


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