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Co-sleeping: What’s the Problem?

I recently read a blog post about co-sleeping and it’s benefits. Obviously this isn’t for everybody, and pre-children, the idea of sharing my bed with anyone other then The Boyfriend was pretty horrifying.  But when The Princess came along, I fell head over heels in love with her and didn’t want to be apart from her for a minute.  She also demanded to be fed every hour, which got rather… Continue reading


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In Which I Go On A Hot Date

OK, so it wasn’t really a hot date, not hot at all in fact, although I did put mascara and lippy on, so technically I made an effort.  Yesterday The Boyfriend and I had a day to ourselves.  This hasn’t happened since The Baby was born.  In fifteen months, we haven’t had a day where one of us hasn’t been working, or we haven’t been with The Baby.  Don’t get… Continue reading


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