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Post-natal Depression: Who Cares?

The recent news of how a depressed mother smothered her babies has made me incredibly sad and a bit raw and rather despondent.  Following the birth of The Princess, I had a difficult time with post-natal depression.  The feelings of exhaustion, utter hopelessness, uselessness, worthlessness, and the inability to think lucidly, were with me to one degree or another for the best part of twelve months.  I don’t… Continue reading


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An Unexpected Day

Yesterday was one of those days in which nothing is predictable.  It was a day of ups and downs, of worry and relief and emotion.

It started fairly normally, except something had happened the night before which had made me worry, and subsequently sleep badly.  I woke up tired (nothing out of the ordinary) and still worried, and very reluctant to get out of bed (definitely nothing out of… Continue reading


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Me? Mum?

I wrote this a few weeks ago, but hesitated to post it as there are people who may read this blog who don’t know about bits of my life.  But then I thought, 1 they probably don’t read it anyway, 2 it’s my blog and my space and my writing and 3 it’s my life, and if there’s stuff people don’t like, well, tough.  They haven’t lived it.

I… Continue reading


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I’ve been discharged from the Parent and Baby Unit.
I’m thinking that I was possibly a little harsh in my last post. I have actually learned a few useful things through these counselling sessions (I’m not just saying all this as I found out that my counsellor takes her son to the same nursery that I’ll be taking The Baby to and am now worried if she reads my blog… Continue reading


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NOT My Favourite Waste of Time

I have counselling this morning. And I use that term in its very loosest sense. It’s been a month since I last went, because I am apparently almost fine now.

Having spent an hour each week, then reduced to each fortnight, having hand-outs about depression and recovery read to me by a girl who looks so young I would guess she is just about ready to take her GCSE options, I… Continue reading


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