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Depression, Anxiety and The Lazy Sloth

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while, but it’s difficult to find the right words, and occasionally the right words pop into my head but it tends to be at something-past-insomnia-in-the-morning and just NO to getting out of bed to even scribble with a pen and paper, but then maybe only I think they’re the right words and everyone else will think they’re the wrong words or stupid… Continue reading


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When the Battle is Lost

There are times when I struggle as a mum.  I know, shocker, right?  I always keep my struggles so well hidden.  OK, so there are lots of times when I struggle as a mum.  The biggest struggle these days is the internal debate as to whether what I am saying to The Baby, what I am teaching her and the values I am trying to instill in her, are the right… Continue reading


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Reflections on the Riots

I don’t quite know what to say tonight.  I feel I need to say something, I just don’t know what.  I have questions and questions and questions, and thoughts and opinions, but mainly questions, yet no answers, no conclusions, no information to shed any light on why the people causing devastation to others’ lives and livelihoods are doing so. 

I live nowhere near any of the sites of rioting. … Continue reading


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What it Means to Me to be a Parent

This post is for the Maternity Matters meme hosted by The Life and Times of a Domestic Anarchist (http://domesticanarchist.blogspot.com/), and it’s actually quite a thought-provoking theme.

It’s easy to focus on the struggles and the difficulties of parenthood, especially when it’s all a new experience (goodness knows I focus on it enough!). But it’s really all the lovely stuff, all the little things that make being a Mummy the… Continue reading


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