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What Is The Meaning of Life?!

It’s been one of those days when I have questioned everything.  Everything.  OK, maybe not everything, and maybe I didn’t quite get to the whole meaning of life question, but today I’ve felt a bit shaken, as if my foumdations have been chipped away.

It started with a phonecall from The Boyfriend, who was relaying a message from the nursery where he had just deposited The Princess and Pea… Continue reading


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Hangin On The Telephone

It’s startling how one phone-call can change the whole shape of your day.  Actually, today it’s two phone-calls, but one I won’t really discuss as it’s quite dull (it was just a cancellation at work, which took my day from ridiculously quiet to painfully so).  Anyway, the phone-call in question was one I made to The Baby’s nursery… Continue reading


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The Stress of Child Care

So there has been yet another report released to pile more guilt onto the working mother.  It’s a bit like shooting a sitting duck, no?  Can the media not give parents just a teeny break once in a while?

Apparently, detrimental long-term effects on your child’s health can be caused by sending them to nursery or to the child-minder.  Awesome.  So added to the list of separation… Continue reading


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Sleeping, Feeding, Playing, and a bit of Nappy Rash

So, to recap.

The Baby had regressed to the sleep-loathing child of old, she hated going to nursery, reducing me to tears every time I left her sobbing and breaking her heart in the arms of the nursery staff, and she was redecorating our dining room with tomato, avocado and pasta (as opposed to eating them; she is not an avant-garde artistic prodigy).

And now?

All change!… Continue reading


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Oh, The Guilt!

I knew I shouldn’t have said anything, I should have just kept my optimistically big mouth shut.  No grief and no guilt, eh?  Pah.  Did it sound like I had made a complaint, like I felt these things were creating a hole in my life??  Today I have felt guiltier and more grief-stricken than I have in a long while.  Grief-stricken is, perhaps, a tad strong.  Maybe just anguished, vexed… Continue reading


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