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The Hugely Significant Insignificant Thing

Yesterday an odd thing happened. Not a bad odd thing, not an amazingly deliciously strange odd thing either. It wasn’t like a sudden clicking of things falling into place, nor a Eureka! moment of life suddenly making sense, but it was something. Something small and almost insignificant, yet undeniably hugely significant.

This is what happened. Sitting in a warm photography studio waiting for costume changes to be perfected, for… Continue reading

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Maybe It’s Because I’m An Introvert

…that I love alone-time so. Or maybe it’s motherhood. Or my mental state. Whatever it is, I really do love a bit of space and time to be myself, by myself. It’s taken me many, many years to realise that this is OK, that my gut-felt hatred dislikes of large groups, of conversing in a group of more than three friends, of having every minute of every day accounted for… Continue reading


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Staring Down the Barrel of a Camera

Little Pea is almost ten months old.  He is just like most other ten month olds, he is crawling, babbling (well, shouting), picking stuff up and throwing it (at me), eating in his own messy way, and generally becoming a sociable, playful little person.

Just after Christmas, Pea cut his first teeth.  Since then, more and more have emerged, some more dramatically than others – two appeared during the… Continue reading


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Earlier, I read a post on a Facebook page dedicated to the politics of breastfeeding.  It was asking the question whether people felt that a large barrier to breastfeeding is a modern mother’s expectations of maintaining a social life after pregnancy.  It really got me thinking, not just about breastfeeding, but about first-time motherhood in general.


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I was told a story today about an overdose.  It was an attempted suicide.  It was, as intimated, unsuccessful, and the life in question still remains on this earth.

I heard this story from the mum of the distressed soul, and my heart broke into a thousand pieces.

As a mum… Continue reading


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You Got The Look

The Baby has this look.  It is a look that says a lot of things, but ultimately it says ‘I Really Don’t Care What You Say’.  It is a look of complete and utter defiance.  Never before have I seen such resolution and stubbornness in one look.  And in a baby.

When she does The Look, it is quite difficult to believe that this time last year I was… Continue reading


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New Dress

I recently wrote an article for a magazine about how much my fashion-life has changed since becoming a mum.  And it’s got me thinking.  About motherhood and about life in general; about how much things change over time and how these things sometimes go unnoticed until something triggers a memory that suddenly transports us back to a time and place very different to the one we are in now; and… Continue reading

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