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Staring Down the Barrel of a Camera

Little Pea is almost ten months old.  He is just like most other ten month olds, he is crawling, babbling (well, shouting), picking stuff up and throwing it (at me), eating in his own messy way, and generally becoming a sociable, playful little person.

Just after Christmas, Pea cut his first teeth.  Since then, more and more have emerged, some more dramatically than others – two appeared during the… Continue reading


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Baby Keepsakes

A little while ago I was chatting with other mums at the breastfeeding cafe, you know, all the usual stuff, doesn’t time go quickly, don’t these teeny babies change so fast, when will the bags under our eyes stop growing etc etc. All this got us on to the topic of baby clothes and just how emotional it can be packing up one size of clothes to make room for… Continue reading


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