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18 Months and Still Going

Little Pea is now 18 months old, and we are still continuing on our breastfeeding journey.  The Princess had decided she had had enough of my milk by the time she was 12 months, which devastated me and left me feeling empty and redundant, yet also meant I could take the medication which successfully controlled my anxiety and depression.  Swings and roundabouts and all that, eh?

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The Bank Holiday Bug

So this last weekend was the bank holiday weekend, three days of not working (not for The Boyfriend, unfortunately, who went to work on Saturday), three days spent in utter frivolity, three days of sunshine for the first time since records began.  Maybe.  It also happened that Little Pea’s first birthday landed right on bank holiday Monday.  Perfect!  Everyone would be free to celebrate the whole weekend through… Continue reading


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The World Didn’t End

I went back to work today.  Well, kind of.  I did a half day, being trained on new equipment.  For weeks I have been dreading this day, terrified of having to separate myself from my baby, nervous to the extreme of having to be an employee once again.  Yesterday I had several tearful moments and last night I barely slept, partly due to anxiety, partly due to a rather windy… Continue reading


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That Time Again?

I can’t believe I’m doing this again so soon, it only feels like a few months since I did it the first time, but it’s getting on for two years now…

This week, this happened:

And true to form, I’m on the verge of a breakdown over the fact that my baby is no longer a… Continue reading

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Co-sleeping: What’s the Problem?

I recently read a blog post about co-sleeping and it’s benefits. Obviously this isn’t for everybody, and pre-children, the idea of sharing my bed with anyone other then The Boyfriend was pretty horrifying.  But when The Princess came along, I fell head over heels in love with her and didn’t want to be apart from her for a minute.  She also demanded to be fed every hour, which got rather… Continue reading


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Eleven Weeks In

I recently blogged at Emma’s Diary about how little time I have to record Little Pea’s progress, compared to when The Princess was the same age.

Tonight I find myself with a spare half hour, so I’m taking this opportunity to write about Little Pea at eleven weeks old.

He is still as laid back as he ever was, but now he is more… Continue reading


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Who Ate All the Pies?

Little Pea is six weeks old.

He has outgrown 0-3 month clothes and is only just about comfortable in 3-6 month clothes.


That is all.

Big Little Pea


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How to Save the Planet and the Pennies

Little Pea is five weeks old now.  It still feels like the first week with him in many ways, yet I can’t imagine him not being here now, and I’m getting much more used to him and his little ways.  Well, when I say ‘ways’ I actually mean ‘penis’.  It was terrifying changing his nappy the first few times – I’m so used to dealing with girl bits, with having… Continue reading


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Last Sunday started early.  Very early, in fact, thanks to The Baby waking at ten to one in the morning and not settling back to sleep until well after two.  Having eventually got back to sleep, I was strangely aware of drifting in and out of sleep between contractions.  I managed to stay conscious long enough to realise that these contractions felt a little different to those that I had… Continue reading


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Can Cloth Really Cut It?

I’m having a little worry.  Not a panic (yet) just a worry.  It’s that old chestnut money.  Most worries and stresses and arguments seem to stem from money, and for me at the moment, it’s a constant source of stress.

In three months’ time I’ll be on the final countdown to maternity leave.  I’m already part-time, so my maternity pay will be lower than it was when I was… Continue reading


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