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Though She Be But Little She Is Fierce

I LOVE this quote from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. It sums up my daughter perfectly – although now age 7, she is getting to be rather tall, but still only 7 and therefore still officially little, having been a living, breathing person upon this planet for less than a fifth of my own life, and despite the rather scathing comment from a woman recently who declared upon hearing my children’s ages… Continue reading

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The Baby is a curious and questioning little thing.  She asks about everything – “Whassit say?”, “Press?”, “On?” – and likes to do everything for herself, “No, Baby do it” (except she doesn’t say Baby as, you may not have realised, but that’s not really her name).  She particularly likes anything with buttons on it – remote controls (“trolls”), phones, TVs, The Boyfriend’s iPad and PC, cash machines, lifts…you get… Continue reading


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