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On Being Knackered

My poor blog, I barely seem to get chance to post anything these days.  Mainly because I am knackered.  My knackeredness has been made worse the last couple of weeks due to Little Pea enduring an ear and throat infection, bronchiolitis, and cutting three new teeth, all timed beautifully to coincide with my return to work.  Nights of constant feeding, of stripping vomit-covered nightclothes off Pea and myself, and of… Continue reading


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This week has been rather eventful.  There has been a lot going on, from strikes to sick babies to St Nicholas.

On Wednesday I joined the local rally protesting about the quite frankly horrendous proposals the government are making regarding public sector pensions.  It was small in comparison to many other rallies, but it was still amazing to see people turn up and make themselves heard, particularly when there… Continue reading


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