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The Hospital Admission or ‘A Lesson in Trusting Children’

I have just had possibly the most surreal few days of my life.  The Princess had chicken pox last week, and in her usual style, she refused to give in to illness.  She carried on like nothing was wrong, despite the thermometer telling us otherwise, not resting, not napping, not taking it at all easy.  Then the coughing started.  I say ‘coughing’, I mean barking, like a dog with a… Continue reading


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Peppa Pig, Freddy Kruger and the Hideous Monster

Three evenings ago, while The Boyfriend was working a late shift, I decided that it was about time I got myself Hospital Ready.  At 37+6, Little Pea could be putting in an appearance any time soon, and although my hospital bag has been packed since we went on holiday, I have been far from ready to go.

For a start, I’m still waiting for the nesting… Continue reading


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363 days ago I was in tears.  They were tears of frustration, of despair, and of fear.  I was due to be induced.  The Baby was late.  She had made herself far too comfortable and didn’t want to move (sadly, this was not a sign of things to come). 

I, however, was far from comfy.  I… Continue reading


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I Don’t Know About You But I…

…wish people would read signs!

You probably know (by my incessant whinging) that I returned to work this week. I work in a little ‘hospital’ – it’s not really a hospital; it only has one ward, and a handful of out-patient clinics. I work in the X-ray ‘department’ (it’s just me) in a corridor shared with the Minor Injuries ‘department’… Continue reading


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