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The Last Month (Mainly) In Pictures

Blimey, it’s been a while since I showed my face round here, eh? I’ve been struggling to find the time to write my name, let alone a blog post, mainly because I’ve been busy enjoying this ridiculously glorious weather (which I can confirm is officially over as of this evening, having listened to the rain batter against the windows for almost four hours now).

So here’s how Dummy Mummy’s July has… Continue reading


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It’s Raining It’s Pouring

The trouble with holidays in the UK is the weather. It is, quite frankly, pants.


But the best thing about holidays with family is, well, family.

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New Starts and Fresh Perspectives

I’ve been away from here for ages.  Not only was I without a phone for what seemed like a year, I took a holiday in the Lake District with my family.  There were ten of us in total, which meant lots of people to look after The Baby (actually it was just a huge audience for her to entertain daily) while The Boyfriend… Continue reading


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