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Busy or Bored?

The children are shattered after eight weeks of school. Year 2 and Year 4 are VERY HARD WORK evidently, and now it’s half term what do we do? Book up every day with activities of course! Since last Friday, The Girl and I have been girly shopping and girly lunching whilst the boy-folk ate everything Pizza Hut had to offer followed by several Star Wars missions on the X-Box, we… Continue reading

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The World Didn’t End

I went back to work today.  Well, kind of.  I did a half day, being trained on new equipment.  For weeks I have been dreading this day, terrified of having to separate myself from my baby, nervous to the extreme of having to be an employee once again.  Yesterday I had several tearful moments and last night I barely slept, partly due to anxiety, partly due to a rather windy… Continue reading


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Mummy Milk and Hot Coffee

This morning Little Pea and I took a trip out to our local breastfeeding group.  Given that I breastfed The Princess and am fairly passionate about the whole subject, it may come as a surprise that this was my first visit to the group.

After The Princess was born, anxiety and depression kept me indoors and socially detached for a long time.  As I started to get… Continue reading


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The Stress of Child Care

So there has been yet another report released to pile more guilt onto the working mother.  It’s a bit like shooting a sitting duck, no?  Can the media not give parents just a teeny break once in a while?

Apparently, detrimental long-term effects on your child’s health can be caused by sending them to nursery or to the child-minder.  Awesome.  So added to the list of separation… Continue reading


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Oh, The Guilt!

I knew I shouldn’t have said anything, I should have just kept my optimistically big mouth shut.  No grief and no guilt, eh?  Pah.  Did it sound like I had made a complaint, like I felt these things were creating a hole in my life??  Today I have felt guiltier and more grief-stricken than I have in a long while.  Grief-stricken is, perhaps, a tad strong.  Maybe just anguished, vexed… Continue reading


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