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Jamie Oliver and Breastfeeding – It’s Not About You!

I need to vent. I’ll keep it brief, I’m not going to offer a load of breastfeeding advice here, although I will  pop some links at the bottom for those who need some help. I am just going to say this:

Jamie Oliver has been expressing an interest in learning about the benefits for mums and babies that breastfeeding provides, and how the low breastfeeding rates in this country… Continue reading


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Government Removes Support for National Breastfeeding Week

I originally wrote this article for Real Parenting Magazine on 5 May 2011.

National Breastfeeding Awareness Week 2011, which was due to run from 19 – 25th June, has had its government funding withdrawn. This announcement was made on 7th April on the NHS Local website, but seemed to have escaped the attention of the national press; a quick search of both the top four broadsheets and… Continue reading


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