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It’s Raining It’s Pouring

The trouble with holidays in the UK is the weather. It is, quite frankly, pants.


But the best thing about holidays with family is, well, family.

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Matilda Mae

Saturday night saw the most harrowing event happen in the Edspire house.  This tragedy has hit me really hard, harder than I feel it ought, and I’m left now with a sense of guilt overhanging the grief I am feeling for Matilda Mae.

I never met her, I never met her mum or dad or her older brother and sister.  I followed Jennie’s blog, particularly just after… Continue reading


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I’m Back. Again.

I’ve been a bit quiet recently, on here, on Twitter, on Babyhuddle, just quiet.

I had another blip.  I know, I know, I need to remember to take the happy pills EVERY SINGLE DAY.  It’s my fault.  Mostly.  And some of it’s life’s fault.  I’m not feeling it at the moment, life.  It’s just not going that well.  I think it will… Continue reading


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Co-sleeping: What’s the Problem?

I recently read a blog post about co-sleeping and it’s benefits. Obviously this isn’t for everybody, and pre-children, the idea of sharing my bed with anyone other then The Boyfriend was pretty horrifying.  But when The Princess came along, I fell head over heels in love with her and didn’t want to be apart from her for a minute.  She also demanded to be fed every hour, which got rather… Continue reading


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New Starts and Fresh Perspectives

I’ve been away from here for ages.  Not only was I without a phone for what seemed like a year, I took a holiday in the Lake District with my family.  There were ten of us in total, which meant lots of people to look after The Baby (actually it was just a huge audience for her to entertain daily) while The Boyfriend… Continue reading


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I Don’t Want to be a Working Mum…Do I?

I’m almost 31 weeks pregnant, looking more like I’m 41 weeks pregnant.  I’m anaemic, I have pelvic pain which has decided to become suddenly unbearable this last week, I’m unable to get comfortable enough to get a good night’s sleep, but most importantly I’m on final countdown to maternity leave.  I have 7 weeks until it starts, but I have a week’s annual leave during that time, plus I only… Continue reading


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Happy Birthday

Today my aunty, Annie, should have turned 73.  It sounds so old!  I can’t really imagine her being old.  She was 56 when she died, although I suppose to my 15-year-old self, even that would have seemed old.  There’s barely a day passes without Annie making an appearance in my thoughts, sometimes it’s just a cameo, sometimes a starring role, but she’s almost always there, and particularly since The Baby… Continue reading


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Back to Reality

So here we are, back home again.  This time two weeks ago I was worried about our holiday, about the disturbance and raucousness we were about to unleash on my unwitting family members.

This time last week I was enjoying the most relaxed Sunday I had had in ages and ages and ages.  The holiday in Scotland with my aunty and uncle has been just what we all needed. … Continue reading


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