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The Depressive and The Pea

I had forgotten just how tiring pregnancy is.  Ridiculously, achingly, temper-shorteningly, tiring.  Every morning I wake up in disbelief that it’s actually morning (although sometimes I wake up courtesy of The Baby and it’s not actually morning), every afternoon I am desperate for a few hours’ sleep, and every evening I’m in bed well before 9pm.  And no amount of sleep is ever enough.  It’s like an addiction; a little… Continue reading


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On Milk, Anxiety and Not Missing Sleep-Deprivation

This week has been a strange old week.  The Baby turned One, I came to the realisation that the anxiety I have been experiencing is actually a little out of the realms of ‘normal’ (crying in the super-market car-park after shopping for picnic food the night before The Baby’s party, out of a) sheer relief that no-one knifed/kidnapped/attacked me, and b) shame that as a 32 year old woman I… Continue reading


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I was told a story today about an overdose.  It was an attempted suicide.  It was, as intimated, unsuccessful, and the life in question still remains on this earth.

I heard this story from the mum of the distressed soul, and my heart broke into a thousand pieces.

As a mum… Continue reading


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Social Distortion

I’ve really struggled this weekend, and the most ridiculous thing about it all is I’ve struggled with things that should be enjoyable, relaxing and not hard work.  But they have been hard work, and now I’m writing it all down and I’m not sure why.  Or what I hope to achieve by writing it down.  Actually, I do know that writing does help, I’ve known it for a long time… Continue reading


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Me? Mum?

I wrote this a few weeks ago, but hesitated to post it as there are people who may read this blog who don’t know about bits of my life.  But then I thought, 1 they probably don’t read it anyway, 2 it’s my blog and my space and my writing and 3 it’s my life, and if there’s stuff people don’t like, well, tough.  They haven’t lived it.

I… Continue reading


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A Very Self-Indulgent, and a Little Experimental, Post

I am feeling rather ‘blue’ tonight.  A bit low.  I can feel the lump of sadness stuck somewhere between my lower ribs and my saggy baggy tummy button, occasionally working its way into my throat making me feel like puking and weeping at the same time.  I can feel that cloud approaching, a bit like the one that used to follow the Pink Panther around in the cartoon; lurking, following… Continue reading


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My Reasons to be Cheerful

<center><a href="http://mdplife.blogspot.com/search/label/reasons%20to%20be%20cheerful"><img width="150" alt="Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy with a Heart" src="http://i902.photobucket.com/albums/ac230/RebaMc/reasonstobecheerfulv2-1.jpg" height="150" /></a></center>

I wasn’t going to write anything today because, as I said to The Boyfriend earlier, The Baby has caused me no grief and no guilt lately.

Which made me stop and think for two reasons. One, am I really only blogging about bad… Continue reading


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The Whole Nine Months

I’ve reached the Big Countdown; six days until I’m back at work. Eeeuuurrrrggghhh. Just thinking about it makes my stomach churn, my hands shake, and my eyes fill with giant tears. What happened to my big lottery win? More to the point, what happened to the last nine months?

Let’s see. I spent the first six weeks in hospital having tests done for what turned out to be anaemia… Continue reading


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I’ve been discharged from the Parent and Baby Unit.
I’m thinking that I was possibly a little harsh in my last post. I have actually learned a few useful things through these counselling sessions (I’m not just saying all this as I found out that my counsellor takes her son to the same nursery that I’ll be taking The Baby to and am now worried if she reads my blog… Continue reading


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On Balance

I…suffer with? Struggle with? Cope with? Live with? Whatever, I [insert appropriate word here] low moods. And all-over-the-place moods; guilt, anxiety, jangling nerves, all mixed up with a little melancholy and general sadness. All of which will be discussed in much more detail in later posts.

However, the reason for this post is not to wallow in self-pity or indeed bring any of you down! It is to say… Continue reading

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