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New Perspectives

I’ve been very quiet on here recently.  Yet again.  I’m just not seeming to find the time to get any writing done.  Every night I have a blog post running through my mind, and every night I go to bed having not written a thing.  Being at home with two little ones, a toddler who is very bright and demands constant conversation, interaction, and stimulation, and a 7


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It’s Beginning to Look A Little Like…

Yesterday started off with a very rare lie-in, thanks to The Princess waking after 7.30, followed by me running around like a lunatic when I realised I should have been out of bed an hour earlier as I had to make myself look presentable to people who were very likely not to be mums of small children (mums of small children have provided my only social life for the last… Continue reading

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A Little Thank You

So Christmas is over.  All the shopping, the planning, the wrapping and the visiting, all done for another year.  I still love this time, though.  This quiet bit after the ‘big day’, when you can actually spend time with family and friends, and talk and eat cake and drink tea, and not have to worry about who else you need to see, which presents you need to deliver, who you… Continue reading

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This week has been rather eventful.  There has been a lot going on, from strikes to sick babies to St Nicholas.

On Wednesday I joined the local rally protesting about the quite frankly horrendous proposals the government are making regarding public sector pensions.  It was small in comparison to many other rallies, but it was still amazing to see people turn up and make themselves heard, particularly when there… Continue reading


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The Countdown to the Countdown

Tonight I am home alone.  Well, not quite alone, The Baby is asleep upstairs, but The Boyfriend is at work until 11pm just as he is for two nights out of every six.  So tonight, instead of spending my evening as I usually do (blogging or writing other articles or reading or vegging in front of the TV with chocolate) I am doing something useful.  Something fun, but ultimately useful… Continue reading


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