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Weaning the ‘Right’ Way

That title is not meant to be judgemental in any way, it is a reference to the fact that a health visitor told me that I had “gone wrong” with The Princess by spoon-feeding her.  It made me feel awful.  We had started her on solids at 19 weeks, just a spoonful of baby porridge in an evening for the first few weeks, mainly because she was an… Continue reading


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Mummy Milk and Hot Coffee

This morning Little Pea and I took a trip out to our local breastfeeding group.  Given that I breastfed The Princess and am fairly passionate about the whole subject, it may come as a surprise that this was my first visit to the group.

After The Princess was born, anxiety and depression kept me indoors and socially detached for a long time.  As I started to get… Continue reading


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Breastfeeding Peer Support Week 2

So this is nearly a week late – I honestly don’t know where the time goes these days.  I think by the time I actually get chance to sit down and write in an evening, I’m so tired my brain won’t switch on properly and all I’m fit for is a cuppa and mindless trash TV in bed.

Anyway.  Last Thursday at the peer supporter group we learned all… Continue reading


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Born and Breastfed

Today was an exciting day for me.  I started a Breastfeeding Peer Supporter course.  This was a fairly big deal for two reasons.  1 You may have noticed I’m fairly passionate about breastfeeding and 2 When The Princess was born I had a difficult time with anxiety and depression.  I rarely left the house by myself, and the only group I really took part in was a six-week baby… Continue reading


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Things I Had Forgotten About Breastfeeding

And so to continue on a theme…

The little sucking noises and murmurs of satisfaction that breastfeeding elicits are simply beautiful.

It gives me chance to just be with my baby, Little Pea concentrating on feeding and me concentrating on Little Pea.  Armageddon could be happening, but if it coincided with a breastfeed, I wouldn’t notice it at all.

Breast milk on baby’s breath smells better than… Continue reading


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The Depressive and The Pea Part 2

I’ve not been around here much lately.  Not for any reason other than I have been absolutely knackered.  I had almost forgotten how tiring pregnancy is, except I can still quite clearly remember falling through the door after work and flopping straight onto the sofa for a nap for an hour or two.  This time round it’s not so easy, and I constantly feel shattered.  I want to sleep for… Continue reading


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On Milk, Anxiety and Not Missing Sleep-Deprivation

This week has been a strange old week.  The Baby turned One, I came to the realisation that the anxiety I have been experiencing is actually a little out of the realms of ‘normal’ (crying in the super-market car-park after shopping for picnic food the night before The Baby’s party, out of a) sheer relief that no-one knifed/kidnapped/attacked me, and b) shame that as a 32 year old woman I… Continue reading


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Government Removes Support for National Breastfeeding Week

I originally wrote this article for Real Parenting Magazine on 5 May 2011.

National Breastfeeding Awareness Week 2011, which was due to run from 19 – 25th June, has had its government funding withdrawn. This announcement was made on 7th April on the NHS Local website, but seemed to have escaped the attention of the national press; a quick search of both the top four broadsheets and… Continue reading


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National Breastfeeding Awareness Week

19th – 25th June was meant to be National Breastfeeding Awareness Week this year. The government, however, have decided to drop their funding for this. It seems that raising and maintaining awareness of the importance of breastfeeding is as important to messers Cameron and Clegg as our Sure Start centres.

That is to say, not at all.

If this pisses you off as much as it does me… Continue reading


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