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Hello, It’s Me Again

In an attempt to reboot this here blog, I have challenged myself to join in with Blog Every Day in November #BEDN, run by Elizabeth Dhokia. I’m doing well so far, having already missed day 1.

Just in case this small flurry of posts manages to lure in any new readers, I’m Dummy Mummy (named due to the fact I don’t have a clue as to what I’m… Continue reading

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Blogging for Company

I have just written a post for Emma’s Diary Blog and it reminded me just why I blog.  I was writing about a particularly difficult morning, alone, sleep-deprived, with two babies to get dried, dressed, fed, to the shops, back in bed, and out to lunch with friends, all with the added extras of a grumpy, temporarily deaf (to any of my requests) toddler, and a sobbing, clingy… Continue reading


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PAPS and Boobs

I imagine this title may invite a few spammers…..

Anyway.  There has, of recent times, been a lot of talk in the parent blogging world of blogging being less about content and passion for writing, and more about popularity contests, rankings, and proficiency in all forms of social media.  So Sophie has created the PAPS (Pimp A Post Sunday, duh) to take us all… Continue reading


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A Little Thank You

So Christmas is over.  All the shopping, the planning, the wrapping and the visiting, all done for another year.  I still love this time, though.  This quiet bit after the ‘big day’, when you can actually spend time with family and friends, and talk and eat cake and drink tea, and not have to worry about who else you need to see, which presents you need to deliver, who you… Continue reading

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My Blog and Me

It’s been a little serious on here of late.  Actually, it’s been a little nothing on here of late.  Sorry.  I am getting things sorted, speaking to the right people, trying not to get too enraged that the NHS only endorse medication and CBT and no other form of talking therapy whatsoever, and attempting to employ deep breathing exercises and a voice-over in my brain who keeps telling me to… Continue reading


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Social Distortion

I’ve really struggled this weekend, and the most ridiculous thing about it all is I’ve struggled with things that should be enjoyable, relaxing and not hard work.  But they have been hard work, and now I’m writing it all down and I’m not sure why.  Or what I hope to achieve by writing it down.  Actually, I do know that writing does help, I’ve known it for a long time… Continue reading


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Oh, The Guilt!

I knew I shouldn’t have said anything, I should have just kept my optimistically big mouth shut.  No grief and no guilt, eh?  Pah.  Did it sound like I had made a complaint, like I felt these things were creating a hole in my life??  Today I have felt guiltier and more grief-stricken than I have in a long while.  Grief-stricken is, perhaps, a tad strong.  Maybe just anguished, vexed… Continue reading


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My Reasons to be Cheerful

<center><a href="http://mdplife.blogspot.com/search/label/reasons%20to%20be%20cheerful"><img width="150" alt="Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy with a Heart" src="http://i902.photobucket.com/albums/ac230/RebaMc/reasonstobecheerfulv2-1.jpg" height="150" /></a></center>

I wasn’t going to write anything today because, as I said to The Boyfriend earlier, The Baby has caused me no grief and no guilt lately.

Which made me stop and think for two reasons. One, am I really only blogging about bad… Continue reading


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