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What I Learned at Blog Summit

A little over a week ago, I attended Blog Summit, along with just over a hundred other bloggers.  Just over a hundred people, in a room, being amazingly confident, and chatty, and inspiring, and awesome.  Plus me.  That was how I felt; goodness knows how I ever came to the decision to register for a ticket in the first place, such is my fear of huge groups of people I… Continue reading


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Who’s In Your Support Network?

It was really only after my son’s birth that I fully realised the value of having a support network, that I could call on. I must have had some sort of inkling before though, because I signed up to NCT Antenatal classes to gain access to a readymade support set up. The classes weren’t especially informative, especially if like me you’d devoured book after book; watched TV shows; and googled… Continue reading


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