Birthday In Lockdown

Here we are in the midst of surviving lockdown due to Covid-19. Despite both The Husband and I still going to work as normal* and the children still attending school, it has been a very strange few weeks. Are we still counting this in weeks? It’s nearly June, I think we can start counting in months now. But I’m not here to delve into the details of all the highs… Continue reading

Happy Birthday

Today my aunty, Annie, should have turned 73.  It sounds so old!  I can’t really imagine her being old.  She was 56 when she died, although I suppose to my 15-year-old self, even that would have seemed old.  There’s barely a day passes without Annie making an appearance in my thoughts, sometimes it’s just a cameo, sometimes a starring role, but she’s almost always there, and particularly since The Baby… Continue reading

Sleeping, Feeding, Playing, and a bit of Nappy Rash

So, to recap.

The Baby had regressed to the sleep-loathing child of old, she hated going to nursery, reducing me to tears every time I left her sobbing and breaking her heart in the arms of the nursery staff, and she was redecorating our dining room with tomato, avocado and pasta (as opposed to eating them; she is not an avant-garde artistic prodigy).

And now?

All change!… Continue reading