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My Morning Misery

I’ve never been a morning person.  I have been a life-long fan of sleep and staying in bed.  As a child, while friends would rise at dawn, I could happily snooze the entire morning away.  As a grown-up (allegedly), add in boozy nights, long working days, on-call shifts, and getting up time would very often coincide with Countdown.

My children have not inherited my love for lying in.  The… Continue reading


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Just A Moment

I’ve always had a bit of a wandering mind, and a low boredom threshold.  This means that I usually have to be doing two things at once, whilst also thinking about other things I could or should be doing, like wiping round the sink while I’m brushing my teeth and thinking about what to wear that day, what The Baby will wear that day, whether the washing basket is collapsing… Continue reading


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Letter To The Baby

Dear Baby

Sometimes I wish it was ten months ago, so that I could sit with you in my arms for hour after hour, until 3 or 4am but not really noticing the time, at which point I’d carry you upstairs and cuddle you in my bed for the rest of the night.

Sometimes I wish it was ten months ago, so that I could spend hours gazing… Continue reading


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The Write Room

Welcome, please forgive the mess.  This is the room in which I do all my writing.  It’s also the room in which I spend most of my time when at home.  You see, I live in a house which I don’t particularly like, which doesn’t yet feel like home.  The Boyfriend and I moved here just 12… Continue reading


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Live In The Now, Dude

This monthly link-up has been started by Scribbling Mum (www.scribblingmum.co.uk), encouraging us all to just take a minute to appreciate what is happening right now.

Having already done this briefly for the Maternity Matters link-up, I really like this idea as it reinforces positive thinking, and encourages us to look at all the small, beautiful things that so often pass us by.

So my Living in the Now… Continue reading


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Why It Pays To Be A Pessimist

The Baby and The Boyfriend on holiday

We are half way through the week that I’ve been dreading for… oh, about a month now. I’ve had countless sleepless nights caused by the panic of spending a whole week with an over-tired, unhappy, unsettled Baby, which in turn have produced an over-tired… Continue reading


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Three Rooms and A Baby

We are going on holiday for a week. Nowhere fancy, just to a little cottage on the coast. We will have views of the harbour, be five minutes walk from the very quaint town, and a good bracing walk away from the beach.

It’s a final farewell to my time as full-time Mummy and I should be excited.

But I’m not.

I am dreading it. DREADING it… Continue reading


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Seven Month Glitch

Forgive me if I’m wrong, but don’t the Terrible Twos start at…well, two?? Aren’t the months leading up to this supposedly devilish age meant to be a little easier? The calm before the storm, so to speak? The Baby, I fear, is rather advanced. I have tantrums and battles (and I’m not even including those that are sleep-related) with her each and every day, today being no exception. Don’t get… Continue reading


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Bourne of Frustration

At the end of The Boyfriend’s week off I decided that we all needed a break. The three of us had never had a trip away together – we had been away a couple of times with my family but never just The Boyfriend, The Baby and me. The last time The Boyfriend and I had been away together was the weekend we found out that I was pregnant. We… Continue reading


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