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Post-natal Depression: Who Cares?

The recent news of how a depressed mother smothered her babies has made me incredibly sad and a bit raw and rather despondent.  Following the birth of The Princess, I had a difficult time with post-natal depression.  The feelings of exhaustion, utter hopelessness, uselessness, worthlessness, and the inability to think lucidly, were with me to one degree or another for the best part of twelve months.  I don’t… Continue reading


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Why Not Getting Depressed Is Like Not Getting Pregnant

So it turns out that taking anti-depressants EVERY DAY is really quite important.  A bit like taking the contraceptive pill EVERY DAY is really quite important.  Three years ago, when I felt like I was dying, I realised I had over a week’s worth of Loestren left in the packet so I peed on a stick, the window showed a pink cross, and then nine months later I had a… Continue reading


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Social Distortion

I’ve really struggled this weekend, and the most ridiculous thing about it all is I’ve struggled with things that should be enjoyable, relaxing and not hard work.  But they have been hard work, and now I’m writing it all down and I’m not sure why.  Or what I hope to achieve by writing it down.  Actually, I do know that writing does help, I’ve known it for a long time… Continue reading


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