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When Love Walks Away

For a long while now I have been reading and practicing (or trying to) gentle parenting. In the throes of sleep deprivation and one too many evenings of solo-parenting, I have to say I’m possibly fairly far removed from ‘gentle’, but for the most part I try to see the world through the eyes of my children. I am constantly learning, every day, how to be a more empathetic, calm… Continue reading


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A Schoolgirl, A Baby, and A Mama

The Princess started school this week.  School!  She only just turned three!  When she was born, The Boyfriend and I said that starting in nursery school at three seemed very young, and that we would probably just start her in reception class, as she would have only just turned four, which still seemed so very young.  By the time she was eighteen months, we knew she would be more than… Continue reading


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The Mean Man Who Made Daddy Cross

On Sunday, The Boyfriend, The Princess, The Pea and I spent the day at the park with two of my closest friends and their families.  It was lovely, the kids ran around, had fun in the playground, struggled to sit still for any picnic food (actually, The Princess was the only one who struggled with this), bounced on the bouncy castle and generally had a great time.

Except for… Continue reading

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The Hospital Admission or ‘A Lesson in Trusting Children’

I have just had possibly the most surreal few days of my life.  The Princess had chicken pox last week, and in her usual style, she refused to give in to illness.  She carried on like nothing was wrong, despite the thermometer telling us otherwise, not resting, not napping, not taking it at all easy.  Then the coughing started.  I say ‘coughing’, I mean barking, like a dog with a… Continue reading


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The Bank Holiday Bug

So this last weekend was the bank holiday weekend, three days of not working (not for The Boyfriend, unfortunately, who went to work on Saturday), three days spent in utter frivolity, three days of sunshine for the first time since records began.  Maybe.  It also happened that Little Pea’s first birthday landed right on bank holiday Monday.  Perfect!  Everyone would be free to celebrate the whole weekend through… Continue reading


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What Is The Meaning of Life?!

It’s been one of those days when I have questioned everything.  Everything.  OK, maybe not everything, and maybe I didn’t quite get to the whole meaning of life question, but today I’ve felt a bit shaken, as if my foumdations have been chipped away.

It started with a phonecall from The Boyfriend, who was relaying a message from the nursery where he had just deposited The Princess and Pea… Continue reading


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Ocky Olly Smocka – A Review

The Princess is an outdoor kinda gal.  It doesn’t matter what the weather is doing (except she doesn’t care too much for snow, it makes her “handies cold”), she likes to be outside.  Me, I’m definitely a fair-weather-only gal.  I don’t enjoy getting soaked in a downpour, I absolutely loathe the snow, and the wind makes me… Continue reading

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It’s Raining It’s Pouring

The trouble with holidays in the UK is the weather. It is, quite frankly, pants.


But the best thing about holidays with family is, well, family.

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My Morning Misery

I’ve never been a morning person.  I have been a life-long fan of sleep and staying in bed.  As a child, while friends would rise at dawn, I could happily snooze the entire morning away.  As a grown-up (allegedly), add in boozy nights, long working days, on-call shifts, and getting up time would very often coincide with Countdown.

My children have not inherited my love for lying in.  The… Continue reading


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Sleeping With a Princess

Yesterday I napped with my two-and-a-half year old daughter.  We haven’t bedshared (successfully) in almost two years.  For the first seven and a half months of her feisty little life, we co-‘slept’ – we both got about twenty minutes of sleep during that whole seven and a half month period.  The Princess hated sleep, and me lying next to her in bed provided the perfect distraction from sleep; there was… Continue reading

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