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Co-sleeping: What’s the Problem?

I recently read a blog post about co-sleeping and it’s benefits. Obviously this isn’t for everybody, and pre-children, the idea of sharing my bed with anyone other then The Boyfriend was pretty horrifying.  But when The Princess came along, I fell head over heels in love with her and didn’t want to be apart from her for a minute.  She also demanded to be fed every hour, which got rather… Continue reading


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Eleven Weeks In

I recently blogged at Emma’s Diary about how little time I have to record Little Pea’s progress, compared to when The Princess was the same age.

Tonight I find myself with a spare half hour, so I’m taking this opportunity to write about Little Pea at eleven weeks old.

He is still as laid back as he ever was, but now he is more… Continue reading


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Who Ate All the Pies?

Little Pea is six weeks old.

He has outgrown 0-3 month clothes and is only just about comfortable in 3-6 month clothes.


That is all.

Big Little Pea


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How to Save the Planet and the Pennies

Little Pea is five weeks old now.  It still feels like the first week with him in many ways, yet I can’t imagine him not being here now, and I’m getting much more used to him and his little ways.  Well, when I say ‘ways’ I actually mean ‘penis’.  It was terrifying changing his nappy the first few times – I’m so used to dealing with girl bits, with having… Continue reading


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Things I Had Forgotten About Breastfeeding

And so to continue on a theme…

The little sucking noises and murmurs of satisfaction that breastfeeding elicits are simply beautiful.

It gives me chance to just be with my baby, Little Pea concentrating on feeding and me concentrating on Little Pea.  Armageddon could be happening, but if it coincided with a breastfeed, I wouldn’t notice it at all.

Breast milk on baby’s breath smells better than… Continue reading


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Things I Had Forgotten About Newborns…

…that I’m quickly remembering

Newborns feed.  A lot.  An awful lot.  In fact, in the last 8 days, that’s really all Little Pea has done.  I’ve barely seen his whole face, just one half at a time while it’s butted up against my boobs.

Newborns poo a lot.  Second only in frequency to feeding.  However, the smell of newborn poo is strangely alluring.  I say alluring, that’s probably… Continue reading


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