About Anna

Mother of two, wife of one, writer, crocheter, knitter, punk rocker, wine drinker, cat owner, mental health advocate, introvert.

Hello, It’s Me Again

In an attempt to reboot this here blog, I have challenged myself to join in with Blog Every Day in November #BEDN, run by Elizabeth Dhokia. I’m doing well so far, having already missed day 1.

Just in case this small flurry of posts manages to lure in any new readers, I’m Dummy Mummy (named due to the fact I don’t have a clue as to what I’m… Continue reading

Busy or Bored?

The children are shattered after eight weeks of school. Year 2 and Year 4 are VERY HARD WORK evidently, and now it’s half term what do we do? Book up every day with activities of course! Since last Friday, The Girl and I have been girly shopping and girly lunching whilst the boy-folk ate everything Pizza Hut had to offer followed by several Star Wars missions on the X-Box, we… Continue reading

Though She Be But Little She Is Fierce

I LOVE this quote from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. It sums up my daughter perfectly – although now age 7, she is getting to be rather tall, but still only 7 and therefore still officially little, having been a living, breathing person upon this planet for less than a fifth of my own life, and despite the rather scathing comment from a woman recently who declared upon hearing my children’s ages… Continue reading

No Sleep Club

There was an IG post that caught my eye the other day. It said ‘No Sleep Club’ and ‘Who wants to join?’, followed by a load of emphatic Yeses. But then these yeses were followed by the likes of “It’s been 2 years now” and “Eighteen months in”, and the ever-hopeful “Hang in there, it gets better”.

Really?? Does it? It’s been over seven years since I last slept… Continue reading

Me Too

The recent allegations against Harvey Weinstein and the #metoo campaign on social media has had me thinking about experiences I had shut away, ideally never to be revisited. Things that happened to me as a child, before I was ever aware of feminism or sexual harassment or sexual assault; things that happened to me as an adult, after I became aware first-hand of what sexual assault was and what feminism… Continue reading

Depression, Anxiety and The Lazy Sloth

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while, but it’s difficult to find the right words, and occasionally the right words pop into my head but it tends to be at something-past-insomnia-in-the-morning and just NO to getting out of bed to even scribble with a pen and paper, but then maybe only I think they’re the right words and everyone else will think they’re the wrong words or stupid… Continue reading