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Mother of two, wife of one, writer, crocheter, knitter, punk rocker, wine drinker, cat owner, mental health advocate, introvert.

The Art of Self-Care and Not Losing Your Sh*t

Despite the fact that the title of this post could apply to all aspects of my parenting for the last 10 years (TEN years?!?), this is less to do with keeping things together for the sake of the little ones and more to do with the barrage of information, opinions, facts, Science, Experts, rules, laws and legislation that is bombarding our lives every flippin hour right now.

Social media has… Continue reading

Birthday In Lockdown

Here we are in the midst of surviving lockdown due to Covid-19. Despite both The Husband and I still going to work as normal* and the children still attending school, it has been a very strange few weeks. Are we still counting this in weeks? It’s nearly June, I think we can start counting in months now. But I’m not here to delve into the details of all the highs… Continue reading

Into The Unknown

Any of you parent types ever feel a bit lost?  Over the last 9 years of this bewildering and confusing and amazing journey that is parenthood, I’ve felt a little lost at times, but these days, honestly, it’s a lot of the time. A LOT.

In those first early days after The Girl child arrived I felt totally lost in sleep deprivation and breast feeding and pain and conflicting… Continue reading

Diastasis Recti

Every so often my guilty pleasures really pay off. Remember when I admitted to watching the Kardashians more often than is healthy for a grown woman? Well this time it’s thanks to the flashy, surgery-tastic, drama-fest that is The Real Housewives of Cheshire that I have experienced a moment of enlightenment.

I’m not getting lip fillers or a boob job or a footballer as a husband.

But… Continue reading

The Baker’s Rack

I think in my half term ramblings I mentioned that we moved house over the summer. How beautifully easy that sounds when written down. It really wasn’t. We had a holiday in France booked for the 3rd August, and once all the searches and surveys and all the other paperwork had been sorted, our exchange date was set for 1st August, despite our many pleas for it to be… Continue reading