The Baker’s Rack

I think in my half term ramblings I mentioned that we moved house over the summer. How beautifully easy that sounds when written down. It really wasn’t. We had a holiday in France booked for the 3rd August, and once all the searches and surveys and all the other paperwork had been sorted, our exchange date was set for 1st August, despite our many pleas for it to be the week before. So in between working and school runs and recovering from minor surgery and grieving the loss of my 97 year old grandmother, we packed up our little house which we had outgrown many, many months before, and made plans for our new, bigger, more family-of-four-friendly home.

Very luckily for us, my cousin bought our house and so the usual moving day thing of having to move Absolutely Everything In One Day was totally avoided and we were able to move boxes and bags before heading off on our summer hols, and move all the big stuff the day after we got back. And two days after that, The Husband and I were back at work, juggling the unpacking of a gazillion boxes, wondering how on God’s green earth we had managed to fit quite so much crap into a teeny two bedroom cottage, child care, cleaning, decorating, furniture assembling, carpet fitting, and all the other stuff that comes with a house move. The kids don’t even remember having a summer holiday as it consisted solely of them asking us to do something fun only to be met with “Not right now, we are doing Very Important House Jobs”.

Three months on and there is still so much to do. But it really does feel like home. And with each little change, it feels more like ours. This weekend we bought a baker’s rack which we have used as a shoe rack. It’s a tiny little thing, but to have everyone’s shoes out of the way has made a huge difference – I love when a little change has a huge impact, especially when it involves things being tidier and more organised (my messy head cannot deal with messy spaces).

We bought this rack from a place near to us called Era, it’s a brilliant little treasure trove of repurposed, recycled, upcycled and newly-discovered goodies.

Our footwear is now no longer strewn all along the hallway, but stacked neatly in the rack in the corner and it makes my heart so happy!

Now I just need to get everyone to remember to use it.

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