Hello, It’s Me Again

In an attempt to reboot this here blog, I have challenged myself to join in with Blog Every Day in November #BEDN, run by Elizabeth Dhokia. I’m doing well so far, having already missed day 1.

Just in case this small flurry of posts manages to lure in any new readers, I’m Dummy Mummy (named due to the fact I don’t have a clue as to what I’m doing as a mother. Or in many other areas of life, come to think of it), I’m married to The Husband and we have two children together, The Girl who is now 8 (who was the reason I started this blog 7 years ago, and was originally known as The Baby), and The Boy who is 6. Writing has always been a big passion, but since being diagnosed with depression and anxiety, it has become a therapy tool also. I’ve always found it easier to write down my thoughts and feelings than say them aloud, and this blog has often been used as a little space in which to vent and explore thoughts and emotions. Don’t worry, although I do discuss mental health,  it’s mainly just posts about me wondering how I managed to make it through another day while keeping both myself and my children alive, and not understanding from one minute to the next if I’m doing this parenting thing right or not, and hoping against hope that in 20 years time I’m not reading a blog of one or both of my kids discussing just how fucked up their childhood was.

There are a fair few posts about breastfeeding on my blog, and although my children are older now and have long since weaned, I am still hugely passionate about there being more support for new mums who wish to breastfeed, and for breastfeeding babies of all ages to be a normal part of our society.

I’m also a lover of all things arty, particularly textiles. I crochet, I’ve recently learnt to knit (slowly and badly), and have a GCSE in textiles just waiting to be put to full use when I finally stop procrastinating and actually learn some basic dressmaking skills. I’m thinking this is as likely to happen as managing to blog every single day for a month, but I may just surprise myself and achieve both.

I’m totally rubbish at keeping up to date on social media, but you can follow me on Twitter @Annadummymummy and on Facebook .

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