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Our breastfeeding journey is over. Four years and nine months of feeding The Pea and we’re done. It feels a little strange to not be breastfeeding any more, but it happened gradually and naturally and he stopped when he was ready to, and for that I am both proud and thankful. It would be nice now to have him sleep through the entire night, but maybe in another four years and nine months I can write about the end of not sleeping. Ha ha just kidding, I can see this little guy being the first 12 year old to still want mummy cuddles. Just because my breastfeeding journey is done, however, doesn’t mean I am any less passionate about it, and when Sophie at contacted me about writing a piece on her little business, I jumped at the chance.

Sophie started her business after having her son, and found that stylish and functional breastfeeding clothes were few and far between. Most nursing clothes serve a dual purpose of being both maternity and breastfeeding friendly, but what about the mums who breastfeed beyond the first few weeks? When your body changes (again and again and again) and you’re no longer pregnant, but still need to breastfeed your little one, preferably without flashing your entire abdomen or boob area? There are very limited options, mostly black, mostly shapeless, mostly uninspiring.

Determined not to be led down this dark, shapeless fashion path, Sophie set up her own clothing company. HotMaMa provides beautiful tops and dresses that mums can easily breastfeed in (without flashing any unnecessary bits to total strangers), that are also bright, colourful and stylish. The quality of the material is excellent, it feels really good quality, the cut and the fit are perfect, and the prints are just fab.

I especially love the print on this top!

Mums who have bought clothes from hotMaMa have been in touch to let Sophie know just how pleased they are with the quality of the clothes and with the customer service:

“I just wanted to get in touch to say that I’m really delighted with the tops – thank you! I’ve definitely been feeling like my fashion style has taken a bit of a hit from wanting to make breastfeeding in public as easy as possible – I’m looking forward to wearing these a lot! Will keep an eye out for further items to order in the future and tell my new mummy pals about the site. Keep up the good work and thank you!”

“I loved it so much I didn’t want to take it off!! I have trouble feeding my newborn in public and this top made it so discrete.”

“Received the new tops yesterday and have already worn one out to breastfeed – so easy and comfortable! Great customer service as well, many thanks.”

If you’re a breastfeeding mum and you’re struggling to find clothes that make you feel more trendy and less frumpy, that are comfortable without being sack-like, and will allow you to breastfeed discretely and easily, I would urge you to take a look at the hotMaMa site right now. And if you need more encouragement just have a look at these little lovelies!

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