Moving House, Getting Hooked, Getting Hitched

It’s been a busy few weeks, so busy I’ve found no time to write this poor, neglected little blog. Sorry blog. First, we moved in with my parents. De-cluttering, packing, emptying and cleaning a house is about a hundred times more stressful with kids than when single. I moved 17 (ish, maybe more) times pre-children and it bothered me not one bit. This time? I’d like to say never again, but given that most of our stuff is in storage and while I love my folks dearly, this really isn’t a long-term solution, I know that soon we will have to do it all again. But then, after that time, never again. No way. Next house is the FOREVER house.


Maybe, like, the ten year house.

Or five. I get bored fairly easily.

So we have been settling in and getting used to being a family of six. And while doing that, I have been learning to crochet, and please excuse the pun – I’ve obviously spent far too much time around my dad – but I’m hooked. I love it. I’m not great at it, but I’m giving it a go, and I’m creating (crappy, rough round the edges) stuff, and I absolutely love it. I have discovered the beauty of yarn, all the colours and textures, and a whole new world of blogs and magazines, and I have developed a huge crafty crush on Kat Goldin, whose book, Crochet At Play, is just adorable. I have started one of the projects in there today, and I am hoping against hope that I can actually pull this one off without dropping/picking up stitches, or having to unravel lines and lines of work because I just can’t count. Turns out counting is quite important in crochet, and I really am bad at anything numbery. If this project is a success, I might just post pictures on here.

If it turns out like everything else I have crocheted so far, I will post pictures of someone else’s more successful work. Ha!

And as well as moving house and learning a new craft, and you know, life, I’ve been frantically organising a wedding that, quite frankly, has crept up on me more stealthily than a fairy ninja. It might have been almost ten months since The Boyfriend proposed but it’s now 5 weeks ’til the big day, and nothing is quite finished. Mainly due to the fact that when it was about 11 weeks to the big day, we realised that NOTHING had been done, and we finally got our bottoms in gear and booked some stuff.

It is getting there, we just haven’t quite reached there yet.

Oh, and just for good measure, The Princess may need an eye patch or maybe glasses thanks to a lazy eye, and Little Pea definitely needs grommets. We are currently waiting on two hospital appointments.

Phew! What a month. Here it is in pictures.




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