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18 Months and Still Going

Little Pea is now 18 months old, and we are still continuing on our breastfeeding journey.  The Princess had decided she had had enough of my milk by the time she was 12 months, which devastated me and left me feeling empty and redundant, yet also meant I could take the medication which successfully controlled my anxiety and depression.  Swings and roundabouts and all that, eh?

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Is it too soon to book for Easter holidays?

I know, I know, it isn’t even December yet and I’ve already uttered the ‘E’ word.  A year or more ago, I’d have been horrified at anyone even thinking about planning for Easter in November, but now The Princess is at school it doesn’t seem all that terrible an idea.

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Spoilt Rotten Gifts

It’s that time of year, pay day is fast approaching, and there’s a kinda big day not far away where we all like to acknowledge those special people in our lives, lavishing them with gifts and treats, treating them like royalty for the day, waiting on them with chocolates and Black Velvets and cake, and generally spoiling them silly.

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When You Know Better, You Do Better

The title above is a quote from Dr Maya Angelou, and it goes a little way to helping relieve the guilt I feel over so many aspects of our parenting of The Princess in the first two years of her little life.  But it doesn’t go as far as stopping me from desperately wanting to turn the clock back three and a bit years, to understand all that… Continue reading

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Eye Spy

This morning I lay in bed, eyes shut, back aching from a night spent sleeping on one side feeding a teething Pea, listening to The Princess and The Boyfriend playing I spy. What I heard went something like this:

Princess: I spy with my little eye something beginning with T. Television!
Boyfriend: Yes very good but I have to guess what you can spy.
Princess: Eh?
Boyfriend: You say the letter and I… Continue reading

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