Parenting Tips From A Kardashian

I may have mentioned this before (and then blocked it out through shame and embarrassment) but my very guilty pleasure is watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians. And it’s many spin-offs. In truth I am a “reality” TV junkie (most of this TV is so far removed from reality, it’s laughable), I also can’t get enough of those ra-ras from Made In Chelsea, or the fabulous girls on My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, or the privileged Americans in The Hills. I love the non-dramas, the perfect hair and make-up, the relationships and dynamics between people I’ve never met – a bit like legitimate voyeurism, really. But here’s something I never thought would happen. Watching The Kardashians introduced a new and lovely aspect to my parenting.

Now there’s something you probably never read before.

I’ll explain before you all run off and report me for showing this hideous programme to my little children. I DON’T do that, by the way, I watch it all by myself because no-one else wants to know. Except for my sister. She has a gazillion episodes recorded on her Sky+ box. Soz, Ree!

Anyway. Parenting a la Kardash. There was an episode a little while back, where Kourtney was talking about her dad (who passed away a few years ago) and one strong memory of him from her childhood was doing ‘Pit of the Day and Peak of the Day’. This basically involves describing the absolute worst thing that happened that day and the most brilliant thing that happened that day.

I’ve stolen it and I love it. I do it every day with The Princess, in bed on the odd occasion when I am priviledged enough to take her to bed (if The Boyfriend is home I never get a look in) but mostly when we are having pre-bedtime snuggles on the sofa. Her ‘Pit of the Day’ is nearly always having to go home from wherever we have been, or having to go to bed, but I love hearing her ‘Peaks of the Day’. Sometimes it’s a big thing like visiting Aunty Alex and Uncle Chris in Nottingham or going to the farm, and sometimes it’s having a cuddle or doing a jigsaw.

Since school started 4 weeks ago, it’s become even more important to find out her Pits and Peaks as she is off doing new things with new friends and I love to know what’s important to her in her new school environment. Questions about the day’s activities / meals / friendships all elicit a response of nothing / no-one. It seems my daughter sits alone in an empty classroom, bored and hungry all day. Except I do find out bits and pieces by asking about the Pit and the Peak.

The peaks of my day, every day

So thanks, Kourtney K, for introducing me to this wonderful little communication tool. Who knew?


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