The Last Month (Mainly) In Pictures

Blimey, it’s been a while since I showed my face round here, eh? I’ve been struggling to find the time to write my name, let alone a blog post, mainly because I’ve been busy enjoying this ridiculously glorious weather (which I can confirm is officially over as of this evening, having listened to the rain batter against the windows for almost four hours now).

So here’s how Dummy Mummy’s July has been so far. Little Pea succumbed to the dreaded ‘pox, five days before we went on holiday to St Ives. He had loads more spots than The Princess did, but no pneumonia. Swings and roundabouts and all that.

Oh thank the Lord for calamine lotion

We spent five days in St Ives in a pine-clad chalet in which we used for little more than sleeping, and whiled away our time there doing mostly eating and being outdoors. It was absolutely fantastic, and the week was finished off with a question, the answer to which will become clearer further down this post.

The beautiful St Ives harbour

The Boyfriend in the 70s-esque chalet

We came home, we enjoyed the sun,

we celebrated my little sister’s birthday (this particular park-based celebration I was not party to, due to having to earn a living. Damn job.)

On Thursday we celebrated The Princess’s 3rd birthday, which I shamefully have no photographs of! My only excuse for this is being far too busy ensuring the birthday girl and everyone else was having a wonderful time. We took a trip to Chester zoo, which The Princess was rather cross about but actually ended up having a really good time (if you ignore the 47 altercations we had during the course of the day, all thanks to the 5am starts we have had since returning from St Ives), and again I shamefully have very few photos of the babies’ very first day at the zoo. I did spend most of the day feeding Pea whilst carrying him in the wrap, which meant my hands were slightly tied up with attempts at preserving my modesty and stopping random strangers from getting drenched in breastmilk. I think that lets me off the hook for taking barely any pictures.

Chester zoo. Can you spot the tiger?

And finally, yesterday we took a trip to Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, much to the (rather obvious) dismay of The Princess who just wanted to “Not get dressed and watch Dora” all day. Instead, we forced her to have a very lovely brunch and then come with us to collect this little beauty, because my answer to The Boyfriend’s big question in St Ives was “Yes”.

That’s my summer so far, what’s yours looking like?


Apologies for the annoying over-lapping watermarks on my collages. I am an official techno-div.

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  1. Congratulations! What a beautiful ring. And what a busy and exciting month you’ve had 🙂 xx

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