Boob Nursing Bra Fast Food – A Review

I was recently sent the Nursing Bra Fast Food by Swedish nursing wear company, Boob.  Hands down, this is the most comfortable piece of underwear I have ever worn.  Ever.  And really, that’s all you need to know.

OK, so this review would be a little short if I were to leave it at that, so I’ll just tell you that the design is fabulous – unlike most nursing bras the Fast Food is double-layered, with the inner layer having a cut-out for easy milk access while keeping exposed boob to a minimum, and the top layer unclipping and fully pulling down like other nursing bras.  Like this:

It looks great.  It’s stylish and pretty without being over-the-top, but has none of the traditional frumpiness seen with so many nursing bras.

It comes with an exra strip of hooks and eyes, so that it will accommodate growing breast size during pregnancy and fluctuating breast size while nursing.  I know mine certainly haven’t stayed the same size throughout breastfeeding, particularly in those early months of establishing supply.

And back to my opening sentiment, it is the most comfortable bra in the world.  In my opinion.  I’ve not actually tested every bra in the world, obvs, please don’t report me to Trading Standards or some such, but of all the bras I have tried, this is the best one.  The wide and low support at the base of the bra makes a huge difference.  Instead of the usual thin line of elastic that often ends up digging in the delicate under-boob-bit, and when you loosen it for comfort then provides no support, there is a lovely, soft, stretchy, wide strip of material that you barely notice when on.  In fact, the only real reminder that I was wearing a bra at all was the fact that my boobs weren’t grazing my tummy, and were therefore obviously well supported.

There really is very little else to say about this amazing piece of fabric, other than if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or thinking of becoming either of the above, buy this bra.  Immediately.  It will change your life.  A little bit.


I was sent the nursing bra to trial and review on my blog.  I was not sent any monetary compensation for writing this review, and all words, opinions and pictures are my own.

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3 thoughts on “Boob Nursing Bra Fast Food – A Review

  1. For me it was well worth investing in just one good nursing bra: when it’s in the wash I just wear a boob tube or a top with inbuilt support.

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