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The Bank Holiday Bug

So this last weekend was the bank holiday weekend, three days of not working (not for The Boyfriend, unfortunately, who went to work on Saturday), three days spent in utter frivolity, three days of sunshine for the first time since records began.  Maybe.  It also happened that Little Pea’s first birthday landed right on bank holiday Monday.  Perfect!  Everyone would be free to celebrate the whole weekend through… Continue reading


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What I Learned at Blog Summit

A little over a week ago, I attended Blog Summit, along with just over a hundred other bloggers.  Just over a hundred people, in a room, being amazingly confident, and chatty, and inspiring, and awesome.  Plus me.  That was how I felt; goodness knows how I ever came to the decision to register for a ticket in the first place, such is my fear of huge groups of people I… Continue reading


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Who’s In Your Support Network?

It was really only after my son’s birth that I fully realised the value of having a support network, that I could call on. I must have had some sort of inkling before though, because I signed up to NCT Antenatal classes to gain access to a readymade support set up. The classes weren’t especially informative, especially if like me you’d devoured book after book; watched TV shows; and googled… Continue reading


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Breast Cancer and Gene Testing

20130514-095309.jpgAngelina Jolie has written an honest and powerful article for the New York Times, revealing that she has undergone a bilateral mastectomy to reduce her risks of succumbing to breast cancer, the disease that she lost her mother to. Her story is not only highly emotive, but one that is very familiar to me.

In 2004, my mum’s sister was diagnosed with breast cancer… Continue reading


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