The Big Babyhuddle Breastfeeding Carnival

When Babyhuddle asked if any of their Elite Bloggers were interested in hosting a carnival, I jumped at the chance to showcase some excellent bloggers, and the topic of breastfeeding was one I was naturally drawn to.  I have had a great response from the other Babyhuddle bloggers, so I suggest you snuggle down on the sofa, grab a cuppa, and enjoy reading some fabulous posts all about boobie milk.

First up, Mellow Mummy is comparing her frantic feeder of a first born with her much more, well, mellow, second.  She has also included a really useful list of breastfeeding essentials that can all be found on Babyhuddle.  Emma’s second post describes how at eight months, her daughter was ready to stop breastfeeding all together, giving Emma a much more ‘merry’ Christmas!

Karen, who blogs at Woman, Wife and Mum, writes a heartfelt post about the lack of support from midwives when attempting to breastfeed her son, and she asks some poignant questions regarding her son’s diagnosis and the eagerness of the health professionals to get her to formula feed.

Mummy’s Little Peeps has compiled a list of tips and hints that she found worked for her when starting her breastfeeding journey, and The Mummy Adventure shows you how to customise your own clothes to be more breastfeeding-friendly.

This emotional and honest post from Ghostwritermummy had my heart aching for her, as she describes the difficult days after her son was born, yet how breastfeeding provided the bond that she needed.  As she so beautifully puts it, breastfeeding her son was “nourishment for the soul”.

Rachel who blogs at Three Years and Home tells a familiar tale of how reality never does quite match up to those pre-conceived ideas you had whilst pregnant, but at least she knows what to expect with baby number 2 having just been born!

Brandy at Mannly Mama is a woman after my own heart.  She is seriously passionate about breastfeeding, and a little ranty, too.  Always good, in my opinion.  In this post she addresses the need for more support, for breastfeeding to be seen more, and how health professionals are failing new breastfeeding mothers.

And finally a big “Hooray for boobies!” from Gemma at At Home With Connor, who tells us how she persevered with breastfeeding after a shaky start, and never looked back.

I really hope you enjoy reading these posts as much as I did, and I think if nothing else, it highlights a real need for much better support for breastfeeding mums.



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  1. Breastfeeding is such a different experience for everyone, isn’t it. Seems that the best starting point is to have great support. I know I would have never persevered without it. Thanks for hosting the carnival and including my post.

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