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Earlier, I read a post on a Facebook page dedicated to the politics of breastfeeding.  It was asking the question whether people felt that a large barrier to breastfeeding is a modern mother’s expectations of maintaining a social life after pregnancy.  It really got me thinking, not just about breastfeeding, but about first-time motherhood in general.


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On Being Knackered

My poor blog, I barely seem to get chance to post anything these days.  Mainly because I am knackered.  My knackeredness has been made worse the last couple of weeks due to Little Pea enduring an ear and throat infection, bronchiolitis, and cutting three new teeth, all timed beautifully to coincide with my return to work.  Nights of constant feeding, of stripping vomit-covered nightclothes off Pea and myself, and of… Continue reading


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Matilda Mae

Saturday night saw the most harrowing event happen in the Edspire house.  This tragedy has hit me really hard, harder than I feel it ought, and I’m left now with a sense of guilt overhanging the grief I am feeling for Matilda Mae.

I never met her, I never met her mum or dad or her older brother and sister.  I followed Jennie’s blog, particularly just after… Continue reading


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Spa Organics – A Review

Back in November (seems like more than just a couple of months ago, no?) I was very kindly sent a lovely package of skincare for me and my babies.

While pregnant with The Princess, I saw an advert for a ½ price sale of very… Continue reading


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The Big Babyhuddle Breastfeeding Carnival

When Babyhuddle asked if any of their Elite Bloggers were interested in hosting a carnival, I jumped at the chance to showcase some excellent bloggers, and the topic of breastfeeding was one I was naturally drawn to.  I have had a great response from the other Babyhuddle bloggers, so I suggest you snuggle down on the sofa… Continue reading


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