The World Didn’t End

I went back to work today.  Well, kind of.  I did a half day, being trained on new equipment.  For weeks I have been dreading this day, terrified of having to separate myself from my baby, nervous to the extreme of having to be an employee once again.  Yesterday I had several tearful moments and last night I barely slept, partly due to anxiety, partly due to a rather windy baby.

The Princess and The Pea both went to nursery together, both were happy, both were dropped off by The Boyfriend as I couldn’t risk the slight chance that I might just drive us all somewhere nice for breakfast, sod nursery, sod work.

I went to work.  Little Pea spent five hours away from me.  I spent five hours without a child attached to some part of my body.  I spoke to adults about stuff that didn’t include feeding routines, sleeping routines, or what centile the baby is currently on.

I did all this and the world didn’t end.



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3 Responses to The World Didn’t End

  1. sand

    lovely to see you, brief that it was.

    come back soon x

  2. I’m glad the world didn’t end 🙂 Hope it gets easier every time you do it. And one day, just for the hell of it, I hope you do just say sod work and sod nursery and you all go somewhere nice for breakfast instead! xxx

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