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The World Didn’t End

I went back to work today.  Well, kind of.  I did a half day, being trained on new equipment.  For weeks I have been dreading this day, terrified of having to separate myself from my baby, nervous to the extreme of having to be an employee once again.  Yesterday I had several tearful moments and last night I barely slept, partly due to anxiety, partly due to a rather windy… Continue reading


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Breastfeeding: A Few Facts

A few months ago I became a breastfeeding peer supporter.  The course was fascinating for many reasons, it provided facts and information I didn’t previously know, and it put into clear words things that I had just taken for granted.

One thing that was clear, and that is blatantly clear nationwide given the figures of mothers who breastfeed their babies to 6 months and beyond, is that… Continue reading


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A Wee Crisis

I have always been somewhat of a worrier (read: ridiculously anxious, over-analytical, and slightly over-reactionary), but parenting has seen my worry reach new levels.  Why isn’t the baby sleeping?  Why is the baby sleeping so long?  Why is the baby feeding so much?  Why hasn’t the baby fed for the last two hours?  Is the baby stimulated enough?  Am I over stimulating the baby? Ad infinitum.

The current ‘crisis’… Continue reading


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Blogging for Company

I have just written a post for Emma’s Diary Blog and it reminded me just why I blog.  I was writing about a particularly difficult morning, alone, sleep-deprived, with two babies to get dried, dressed, fed, to the shops, back in bed, and out to lunch with friends, all with the added extras of a grumpy, temporarily deaf (to any of my requests) toddler, and a sobbing, clingy… Continue reading


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My Eye and Another Resolution

Do you remember this?

Arrrr me hearties…

And this eye-watering tale?

Well it happened again.  Same bed, same eye, flailing arms of a different child.  At ten-thirty last night, when I couldn’t open my eye and I felt like the Pea shaped offender had left his finger in my eye, I… Continue reading


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