It’s Beginning to Look A Little Like…

Yesterday started off with a very rare lie-in, thanks to The Princess waking after 7.30, followed by me running around like a lunatic when I realised I should have been out of bed an hour earlier as I had to make myself look presentable to people who were very likely not to be mums of small children (mums of small children have provided my only social life for the last 28 months), and therefore snot-and-yoghurt-stained jeans, bed-hair and hastily applied mascara would just not do.  Yesterday I had a networking meeting to attend, in my new guise as a freelance writer, and I had to at least attempt to impress, which meant showering, wearing clean and ironed clothes, and covering the very dark circles which permanently reside under my eyes.  I should have been out of bed three hours earlier.

I was terrified.  Public speaking on any level is NOT my thing, to say the least.  I blush if someone asks me what I did over the weekend, not because it is the source of a racy story, but just because it means the focus is on me.  At this meeting, I was expected to talk about myself for 60 seconds.  As my hands shook as I was pinning up my hair, five minutes after I should have been leaving and still in my dressing gown, I wondered what on earth I was doing, why was I doing this, and was it even worth it?

Then I thought about the mulled wine and mince pies I had been promised…ahem, I mean, I thought about my family, my beautiful children, the constant penny-counting, all the things we have to deny ourselves in order to keep the roof over our heads and the electricity running, and of course it was worth it.  If I can earn more money, and in a job that I love and am passionate about, then it can only be worth it.  Just don’t go red, just don’t go red, just don’t go red…

The meeting was good, I didn’t have to talk about myself for 60 seconds I just had to share my highlight of the year (the arrival of Little Pea, naturally) and speak to other women who were in established businesses or like me, just starting out.  It was friendly and welcoming and supportive, and the mulled wine and mince pies were delicious, and a great incentive for a mum of two with a very limited social life.

When I got home, relieved and a little excited about my new venture, we did this:


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  1. The tree looks lovely, as does the wreath. Glad you had a successful day! x

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